GOT Adventure?
We do! 250 919 1472/ 250 919 1207


GOT Adventures is located in the East Kootenays, Cranbrook/Kimberley, BC and we have been offering trail rides for 20 years. It is an excellent way to escape whatever it may be; city life, a pandemic, chaos of work or home life, and reconnect with yourself, a horse, and with nature. Our horseback riding operates in mountain ranges, river bottoms, and forest trails. Our trails offer a diversity of landscapes.


Cowboy Hat, Chaps, What???

What to Bring/Wear:

* Long pants (to prevent chafing or scratches from branches)

* Propriate footwear (no red high heels or sandals)
* Helmets (bring your own that fits properly)
* Medication (inhaler, Benadryl, sting kit)
* Bug spray
* Sunblock
* Rain jacket
* Camera
* HUGE smiles!! :)

What to expect on arrival:

* A warm, friendly hello and welcome
* Completing liability forms if they have not been completed via computer

* Mounting your horse
* Once riders are mounted on their horse and in the saddle, your guide will  mount up and give a quick riding lesson of how to sit your horses, the do's and don'ts of riding.  (safety is key and of high importance to keep the riders, staff, and horses safe.  Start, stop, turn, how to sit when riding on flat, up hills, down hills, is all of importance)