Our Adventures


Regardless of which adventure you choose, you will ride through beautiful landscape, forest, through or along a river, creek, lakes, view wildlife, and memories will be made that you have forever.

We do BD's, anniversaries, weddings, even celebrations of life. Just let us know and we will accommodate.

Wycliffe Perry Creek Xpress

1 hour (minimum 3 or more riders)

$79/rider + GST

Join us for a 1 hour horseback ride on scenic, game made trails, in and out of wooded forests, hills, varied terrain, the whole while seeing a display of wildflowers, wild animals, and even some really cool skulls and bones from??? You tell us.

This ride is very enticing in that riders do not want it to end and more often than not, if time permits, we are asked if we can keep going and finish it off by riding the 2 hour ride.

Wycliffe Perry Creek

2 hour

$125/rider + GST

This ride is our most popular ride. (until you ride the Rocky Mountain Loop). At the beginning this ride takes us partially through the Xpress but soon vears off through trees full of witches' hair, riding down "pucker hill," crossing over creek rock, in and out of Perry Creek (numerous crossings), and again viewing wildflowers, wild animals, and mountain tops.

Rocky Mountain Lake Loop

3 hour (minimum 4 riders)

$189/rider + GST

This Rocky Mountain Loop has scenic views, riding alongside beautiful small lakes with the Rockies that appear at reach. Maybe see a black bear or two, deer, elk, eagles and ducks. (maybe even get a free cattle drive in) All this nestled under the watchful eye of the Rocky Mountains!


  • When are you open? Daily but seasonal. We start riding once the snow and frost is gone. It can be May, sometimes not until the beginning of June. Once running we go until October/November.

  • Do I need riding experience? The answer is simple - NO. Majority of riders have never been on a horse before, or it has been 20 - 30 years since.

  • What is the youngest age that you will allow to ride? 7 years old

  • What is the oldest? Well, we have had numerous 76 year olds...so as young as you feel and as hip and cool as you are!!!

  • Do you have a weight restriction? Somewhat yes...if a rider is 250 and 5'4 then yes, a weight restriction applies. If that rider is 250 and 6'1 then no, a weight restriction does not apply. Horse and rider safety is our number one priority. We ask for and use the weights and heights of our riders to match to a horse and to use the correct saddle. A rider who is not proportionate to their horse risks injuring themselves and/or the horse by not being able to balance in the saddle. This is when the weight and height restriction is applied. Athletic ability, rider experience, and rider balance all play a role. Riding horses is really "horse yoga." Riders that are taller yet weigh more are able to still ride comfortably as they generally balance their weight evenly while riding. Safety being a priority while adventuring with GOT Adventure, please be honest and accurate when providing your height and weight; as we will not be able to accommodate you if height and weight is misrepresented, and you will not be receiving a refund.

  • Do I need to book ahead? Yes! All of our adventures should be booked in advance so that you get the date and time that works for you. We do not accept drop-ins. Short notice is a hit or a miss.

  • Do I leave a gratuity? ABSOLUTELY!! Our guides work very hard for your trail ride; before, during, and after. They ensure a safe, fun, memorable, ride for you.

  • What kind of currency does my horse accept? They love pets, hugs, kisses, apples, and carrots, oh my!!

  • Do I need to wear a helmet? Youths under 18 MUST wear a helmet. During COVID we ask that riders bring their own helmet. Normally we supply, but have found that wearing a helmet that is already for that person's head works much better!!